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Our vision with opening this platform is to make our beautiful Santa Rosa city more profitable and create a better sustainability within our environment. We also hope to create great relationships with the local restaurants that will benefit our clientele. Every day we will strive and work towards making this a reality.




NOTE: Dear costumers, please order from one restaurant at a time to avoid delivery delays and confusion. You can order from any restaurant but one at a time because they are in different locations; therefore, we might need different driver to deliver your order.


NOTE: We have a flat fee for deliveries within two miles radius from the restaurant location; then there is an extra fee of $1:00 per every mile which you will have to pay upon arrival.



At Gourmet Kitchen our mission is to enhance your take-out experience by making it more affordable to order out, having friendly faces drop off your food, and by keeping the economic growth local. We believe in getting to know our customers and catering to your needs, therefore we will always keep the lines of communication open.

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